Stucco Italino(義大利灰泥)是承襲文藝復興時期的古法灰泥工藝,我們不僅是萊姆石與大理石粉等天然素材運用的專家,更能夠透過經驗俱足的工匠們,在高度紀律和精湛的手作技術之下,完成我們對客戶滿意的承諾。 

那就交給我們吧!「灰泥施作」是一種高水平的工藝。在日本負責施作灰泥「或稱漆喰」的工匠叫做「左官」;而在摩洛哥有能力施作灰泥 「Tadelakt」 的大師級工匠則被稱為「Maalem」;在義大利施作灰泥「 Marmorino」 的匠師,則被當成「藝術家」對待。您可委託我們提供專業的施工作業。



We are full of enthusiasm for changing people’s living space. Through the centuries-old Italian plaster and the Icelandic moss from the Arctic Circle, we can move towards a more natural lifestyle. Finally, we sincerely hope that we can jointly provide more natural, organic and green products for the space.

Italian plaster
We focus on the best quality of Italian plaster, including a complete product line from ceiling to floor, providing comprehensive technical support. For the different requirements of the case, a skilled construction team can be formed from the European continent to assist in the rapid completion of the site. #Marmorino # Pastellone